About Me

Well, I’m not entirely sure what to put here. Mainly because sometimes I write too much and I don’t want to give my life story here on the spot, if you catch my drift. So I guess I’ll start with the basics, just so you know more about me.

My name is Lo, well that’s not my legal name but it’s the name I’ve gone by for years now. Truthfully going my anything else is just weird to me now. Though I do love my name since my mom’s the one who came up with it. Plus, I’m also named after my maternal grandmother, my middle name at least.

I’m a twenty-somethin’ year old living in Texas. (Southern Texas, to be more specific.) I couldn’t tell you an exact location well for one, security purposes, but really because I grew up in a small town surrounded by more small towns. The closest “big city” near us is about 45 minutes away, give or take.

Currently, I’m a full-time caretaker for my mom who’s recently had a stroke. (This is a future blog post if it hasn’t already been posted and if it has, I’ll link it.) It takes up a lot of my time and energy to be her sole provider, but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m also a “farent“, (word combination of fake + parent), to my 12 year old sister. Let me tell you, I never want kids again. I’m sure parenting in general is hard, but dang, I got hit by a truck with this one. I’m convinced that tweens are spawns of Satan. (That’s a joke, please don’t take it whole-heartedly.)
This blog will be my place to vent, rant and ramble about whatever and wherever my life may take me. I don’t know if there will be a sole focus on what I post, I doubt there will be. I’m thinking of just letting whatever happens to this blog, happen.

I don’t care about followers, that’s not my focus, but if you’d like to follow me then that’d be rad. Hopefully someone out there can relate to my posts or just enjoys my writing in general.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you should check out my Contact Me link. Thank you!

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