She Did It!

Since the last time I’ve blogged and updated on Izzy, she’s just finished her first season of cross country! She actually says she misses it too! (Probably because she would load up her duffle bag with copious amounts of snacks!) 

Their last meet was their district meet and the 7th and 8th grade girls won district titles — 7th and 8th grade boys barley missed clenching their titles, but came in a close second! Congrats to all!

7th and 8th grade girls 3A District Champions for the 2017 XC meet season!

She also had a volleyball game last night and surprise, surprise… THEY CAME OUT WITH THEIR FIRST WIN! As the season has progressed they’ve slowly been getting better and it’s finally paid off! They lost the first round, solely off of errors but came back strong and determined for game two! The reaction that came out of the team when they won, was so pure and amazing! I’m so proud of Izzy & what she’s accomplished so far this year! 

First win of the season against the Falfurrias Lady Belles! 24-22!
Now there’s just one more volleyball game left and then the season is over… but she’s considering trying out basketball (mainly because she doesn’t want to do off-season workouts, but whatever)! Do ya thang, sister girl! If you see this, I love you bunches!

This blog has turned into a sporadic life update blog and I’m okay with that as my life is just at a steady-ish point right now. 

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