Blogger Fail

I’d totally made this 30 day writing challenge for myself to see if I could consistently blog… newsflash, I can’t. Honestly, it wasn’t that it was tedious or anything but life has just been kind of good lately and blogging was in the back of my mind. My mom has hit a few milestones and accomplishments that I’ve honestly just been enjoying these moments with her. 

As time goes on and we get closer to it being a year since her stroke happening, I can’t help but think, “Wow, this is really my life.” And maybe that’s a weird thought for me to have, but it’s my reality. Truth is, sometimes you forget about the situation you’re in until you’re seeing it first hand.

There have been times when I go to sleep, knowing our situation and yet, my mind wakes up thinking things are all fine and dandy, when they’re not. I mean, things are okay but also aren’t at the same time. I don’t know, the closer it gets to being a year, the more I feel like I harbor. 

I know things will be easier in due time, but I can’t help but be impatient while waiting. I’ll also eventually touch back on my 30 day writing challenge and probably start where I left off, but who knows. (I mean, I did also skip April’s & May’s Ipsy bag reviews!)

The featured photo was found on WeHeartIt.

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