What I’d Do With 10 Million Dollars

I always have these talks and discussions with my brother on what we’d do if we ever came into money. I have several different things I’d want to do, I always add things to my list so I figured I’d make it a writing topic and keep track!

  1. Pay off my school loans/family medical bills
  2. Set 100k away for Izzy’s college fund
  3. Move out of this podunk town and into Dallas
  4. Buy a house (kind of like this)
  5. Probably buy yet another yorkiepoo
  6. Buy a black on black 2018 Chevy Imapala (because it’s a nice car without it being too big and bulky, plus I just like them in general)
  7. Go to Disneyworld! (Yes, you’re reading this right! I’m 21 and have never been to Disney!)
  8. Go on an all-inclusive vacation somewhere
  9. Fly and meet my best friend
  10. Give some money to a few family members

And truthfully, I dont know what else I’d do with my money. Maybe invest in some, probably give some to charity too. I just know that if I came into this money through winning the lottery, I wouldn’t want to make it a big deal. I wouldn’t want to do a press session or anything, just because I know people from my past would come out left and right trying to ask for money. It’d be cool but I’d be too worried that I’d spend it all too fast and all at once. But I know realistically, I would try to hold on to as much money as possible!

The featured photo was found on http://www.weheartit.com

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