A Letter to My Future Child

Hi babe, it’s me, the coolest mother you will EVER meet! Yes, this is how I always am! First things first, I love you. I will always love you, no matter what! Point blank, period, there really isn’t anything you could do that wouldn’t make me love you! (I mean, unless it’s illegal/harmful to others then that’s different because I’m gonna raise you the right way. And just know, that although I’m a fun mom, your little butt isn’t going to get away with things just because of how close we are!)

As of right now, I’m 21 and living at home with your grandparents and my siblings. (Y’all call my mom GiGi because that’s what she requested from her future grandkids forever ago. I’m not sure what y’all call my dad, probably just crazy!) Anywho, we have one puppy, Hanna Charlotte and she’s a 10 pound accidental designer dog — miniature yorkie and miniature poodle; a yorkiepoo! Who we actually got from your great Aunt Helen who had her only sibling that survived, Fiona! She looks more like a yorkie (plus she’s blonde) and Hanna looks more like a poodle (and she’s chocolate brown)! 

Life at the moment is wild because mom’s stroke, but she’s doing better day by day. I wonder how she’s doing or how much she’s progressed by the time that you’re actually reading this. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though, because hey, at least she’s still here with us and we still get to enjoy her silliness and sass! 

Hopefully, I’ve taught you to be a great person, no matter who you are. You’re amazing the way you are and I’m sure you’re bright as heck because mama is focused on academics and keeping your brain active! Maybe you’re doing sports, so if you are, I’m sure you’re excelling quite nicely! If you aren’t, I know you’re doing great at whatever it is you’ve choosen to occupy your time with! 

You can be anything and anyone you want, babe! My main goal is to raise you to be proud of yourself. I want you to be comfortable in your skin and who you are! I want you to just live life how you want, without passing judgment! I’m very open minded and accepting and at the end of the day, I just need you to know I love you and that I’m proud of whoever you are! 

I cannot wait until the day I actually get to meet you, whether I have birth to you myself or if I adopted you. I’m curious to know many answers but I know that I’ll get them in due time. I hope your life is great and that I’m still as cool as ever and clearly better than both my siblings. *wink, wink*

I could go on and I may make this a future journaling chronicles but as for now, I’m done. I love you. I’ll talk to you soon. 

Love, the coolest mom ever (that was weird to type!)

The featured photo was found on http://www.weheartit.com

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