Does Age Matter In A Relationship?

So, this WAS going to be an extremely long explanation on my views of the topic but today was filled with a lot of love from family. I got to see my grandmother for the first time in a month, so that was great. Overall it was just nice to have that family time again, like normal. So this won’t be my most indepth topic but if you’d like for me to re-discuss this at a later time, feel free to leave a comment.

Long story short, I feel like age matters to an extent. I mean, once you’re legal I don’t care how old the person you’re dating may be. I mean obviously it’s a little weird when someone who’s 18+ is dating someone who’s still in like their freshman/sophomore year in high school. But I feel like age range is a preference. 
But it’s also a sticky situation in the same instance. Because then kids feel like they can date other kids and while that’s true, there’s also a line where it crosses appropriateness. I would be more than pissed off of my 12 year old sister was dating a kid in high school, which is sometimes what happens at this age. Honestly, I’d be mortified if that happened. 
My opinion while dating in school is date someone in your school level — middle school if that’s where you’re at, high school if you’re in high school. Also someone who’s within your age range — there’s nothing wrong with dating someone a year or two younger than you as long as you click and have a healthy relationship! 
I could go more in depth in this but honestly I’m so drained that I really don’t even think I’m thinking clearly. But I wanted to try to get SOMETHING up at least! Hopefully it kind of makes sense, if not, then leave me be and enjoy this post of exhaustion.

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