30 Day Writing Challenge

After not committing myself to this blog the way I said I would, I decided to make my own “blogging challenge”. I’d been looking for some recently and none of them really had too many topics/questions/prompts that really excited me. Some had good things here and there but for the most part, the once I found were only half decent.

So, I decided to pick and choose exactly what I felt like writing about, things that peaked my interest, things that seemed like they’d be fun to talk about and whatnot. Coming up with 30 GOOD prompts was honestly kind of hard so I hope you all like these as much as I do! I will definitely be posting every single day!

“Rules” to the challenge are simple, there aren’t really any rules. The blog title is totally up to you, but if you need any help, you’re more than welcomed to reference my post. If you’d like to do this “challenge” please tag it as Lo30DWC so I can search the tag and read all your responses! This is really just to have fun and a way to get me back into blogging regularly! 

My posts won’t begin until tomorrow, but y’all are more than welcomed to start this whenever you want! It also doesn’t have to happen at the beginning of the month, you can start whenever, as long as it’s 30 days of writing consistently! I hope you enjoy! :)

Clearly, I like the number 10. Also, question 26 is referring to weather seasons — fall, winter, spring, summer.

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo. The challenge listed above was also created by the blogger, Lo.

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