Overdue Life Update

Let’s be real here, I am terrible at being a consistent blogger, forgive me but my life is crazy at any given moment. Anyway, life is pretty good right now, honestly! Things are going pretty smoothly and things seem to be getting better day by day.

As of right now, I’m playing the role of softball mom. Which honestly entails in driving to and from practice, to and from games — including the occasional carpool, which I really don’t mind. We’re only a few games into the season, but the team is slowly but surely building up their confidence and skills! 

I have a bunch of rants I want to post and a bunch of half-finished drafts too but I haven’t gotten around to doing them. I’m hoping to post on the weekends, at least! I’m aiming for at least one post a week, maybe two if the week is eventful or things are just speaking to me.

But for now, this is gonna have to do! So I’ll come back to y’all when I can! My next post will either probably be a rant or a very late April Ipsy bag review! Catch y’all on the flip side! 

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo. 

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