Overwhelmed with Tragedy 

I’m so emotionally exhausted. I feel like I could cry endlessly for the next few years. We’ve had such a hard few years as a family that I just wish we could get a little bit to breathe.  

2015, my cousin was in a car accident and died.

2016, my mother had her stroke and was in the hospital for a month straight. 

2017, my grandmother had to have her leg amputated. A few days afterwards she tried to stand up from bed and busted her head open. My brother was also admitted into the hospital for four days due to an infection.

I just am at a loss right now for words. I feel like emotionally I’m so drained that I can’t even emit proper emotions anymore. And it’s frustrating because I react either very emotionless or way too emotional and I can’t seem to keep myself in check.

This isn’t a normal blog post. It’s just a current feeling update. I wish things could get slightly easier. But things have been so hard lately that I’m not even sure how to keep trying to push for things to get better..

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

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