Happy 12th Birthday!

I love you so much, Boogie! You’ve grown into an exemplary young lady in both academics and athletics! You impress me day after day with how mature and compassionate you are! You’re a great daughter, sister, cousin and friend. I truly am so lucky to have the blessing of calling you my little sister! 

After seeing you grow up for 12 years, I can honestly say I’m extremely proud of you in all that you do. From trying new things to keeping to old passions and putting your all into everything! You always put your best foot forward and go all-in, never backing down!

Over the years, I’ve enjoyed seeing your art grow up with you. I know it’s a passion of yours, and I don’t ever want you to lose that! It’s not about the quality of art (although, yours is pretty good) it’s about getting your creativity out and enjoying your art. I’ve seen you go from jumbo crayons to digital art with a drawing pad and the difference between the two is astonishing! You’ve always drawn and push yourself to continue to get better, and you’re doing amazing!

Although I was bitter for like 2 years after you came along because I was no longer the baby of the family, I was eventually glad to have you. Sounds funny, but now I had this tiny little person looking up to me — I was your role model. I hope I’ve instilled good qualities to you. And, I want you to know that even when you drive me crazy, there isn’t anything you could do that wouldn’t make me love you! 

From a little, chubby, baby bully to a tall, lanky tween bully, I’ve been there with you through it all. (Just kidding about the bully part.. you’re only mean to me sometimes!) I love you so, so, so much! I hope you enjoyed all your birthday gifts and that you have an amazing day! See you at lunchtime when I drop you off McDonald’s!

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

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