Swing Batter, Batter Swing

Yesterday was the first official mark of softball season! Izzy had her first game with her team, Lady Badgers, which coincidentally is her second year on this team. Even more ironic? Her uniform is the exact same with the exception of the color pants she needs to wear. 

I’m not gonna lie, we were both nervous for this game as this year she decided to “play up” and play alongside girls ages 12-14 because she met the age range by a few months. I mean, these girls look like they’re in high school because most of them are 8th graders preparing for high school, duh. Anyway, it was an experience I’ll tell you that. 

First, the game was supposed to start at 5:30 but their umpire never showed up so they had to wait on another game to finish to have an ump. So we waited about another 30 minutes before they could actually play. But then, the moment the game starts and the girls come off the field from warm ups, Izzy gets dirt in her eye… she was gone the entire first inning!

She managed to make it on base, a walk-on but on base nonetheless. Honestly, they almost forgot about letting her bat because the game was going by so slow and her team wasn’t winning… at all — they had zero runs and the other team had at least 20. In the end, she ended up getting out due to a coaching error and the game got called, but it was a decent-ish game for her first one of the season.

We’re hoping to see her do more catching as the season goes on, but for yesterday’s game she played center field. She did express to me that she liked it but it’s a lot of field to cover. All in all, she enjoyed it and is currently looking forward to playing more games!

The featured photos and photo in the post, belong to the blogger, Lo. 

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