March Ipsy Bag

First things first, I’m gonna admit, I put this off for so long. I mean, April’s Ipsy Bag is about to get here and I’m barely reviewing March… anyway! Part of the reason I hadn’t posted this review was because I lost a product underneath my bed. 

I know you’re thinking “wow Lo, way to be lazy! Just grab that thing and do a review!” But, it’s not that simple! I have wood palletes as my base to my bed and they’re extremely heavy to move, otherwise I would’ve found the product and made this post already. But alas, I came up with an idea so here’s my March review! 

Honestly, I love this bag! I’ll admit when I first saw it I wasn’t too impressed but once I received it, I liked it a lot more. The fold of the bag isn’t sewn down, rather just folded down over itself. Meaning if you unfold the bag, you get more space to hold your stuff. I actually used this exact bag to carry all my sister’s makeup for cheer tryouts which included: two eyeshadow brushes, cosmetic glitter, eye glitter glue, eyeliner, a blush brush, becca highlighter, and a lipstick (which we actually used the one from this months bag), hair ties and bobby pins! So you really are able to pack quite a few items into it!
INT Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Goddess Gold — Yes, yes, yes! I love this so much! The rose gold color is to die for! Of course, I use it for both eyeshadow and as a highlight and it looks phenomenal either way! I haven’t used it too much, but from the times I’ve used it, I’ve really enjoyed it!
There Cosmetics Tartiest™ Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Vibin — Honestly, my fave! The color I received is very deep and rather bold. I’d say it’s a dark burgundy with a little bit of brown to it. It applies really nicely, it glides on smoothly. The applicator is nice because you’re able to use the tip, to really define your Cupid’s bow. My sister wore this for cheer tryouts and said that it felt lightweight to the point she forgot she had it on. It lasted a few hours as well!
Curl Keeper® Leave In Conditioner — Yikes. I honestly haven’t tried this product because I’m very weary of trying new products on my hair. I have very wavy/curly hair that happens to be extremely thick. Even if I wanted to try this out, I’d end up using the entire bottle all at once. But according to the Ipsy website it’s supposed to help protect your curls from humidity, as well as make your hair look soft and shiny. They also say you can use this as a heat protectant if you choose to use hot tools, but personally I wouldn’t. If anyone would like me to actually review this, comment below and I’ll do a test strip on my hair and post an update of the results in the comments!
Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush — Hi, yes, this is definitely the item I lost under my bed! But before it disappeared into Narnia, I was actually able to use it a few times! This blends eyeshadows like a charm! I loved it so much! It didn’t remove too much product upon the blending process and didn’t leave harsh lines afterwards either. I also used this brush to pick up cosmetic glitter and it actually held it pretty well. I was able to pack on glitter with this brush as well!
ModelCo Eye Define Retractable Crayon Liner in Black — This was actually a good product! I’m always kind of skeptical about pencil liners because sometimes the product alone is too hard or doesn’t come off as pigmented as it seems, but this was different. It’s very creamy and definitely soft. I applied this with the lightest touch and I received the best color payoff it could give. It definitely is a pigmented black, it also applies very smoothly to the skin!

Overall, this month’s bag was pretty good! I genuine liked everything I received! I think I may use this same format for next months review. Meaning, I’d make a similar featured image for the post, as well as using the photos that Ipsy provides for the products. But who knows, I change my mind like crazy! 

The featured photo was created by the blogger, Lo. All photos used belong to Ipsy and their website!

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