Goodbye For Now Cheerleading

Well y’all, I’ve waited to make this post for the simple fact that my sister, along with myself, has been upset due to her not making the cheer team for the 2017-2018 school year. To be honest, I think it would’ve been a lot easier for her to take in and handle had she gotten her score sheet back with some sort of contrastive and positive criticism. You know? Like telling her “This aspect was good, your skills are great here, you could improve here and this is where you really need to work on!” Instead, she received a letter that thanked her for her enthusiasm, spirit and hardwork yet it left her confused more than anything.

Maybe this is just me since I’m new to the parenting world, but something as minuscule as junior high cheer should not be so cut throat. In fact, I feel like most girls should be allowed onto the team. We live in Texas where football is the holy grail of sports, so it would make sense to me if we had raging crowds at the games.. but where we live, we don’t. 

In our small town our football team is looked at as the biggest joke, literally. Over time the teams just haven’t done as well as they have in the past and so they’ve slowly lost their crowd and support system. It make more sense to let the, I don’t know, 5 girls that didn’t make the team onto the team and let them bring in more people to the game. 

Our school here doesn’t participate in any sort of cheerleading competitions or anything of high caliber so I’m not sure why it was so cutthroat. This isn’t the first year either. I had a friend back in high school who only made the cheer team every other year we were in high school even though her skills improved throughout the 4 years we were there. Something’s just don’t really add up to me. 

Of course we are upset and crushed by the results, but the feedback of what she could’ve done better would’ve softened the blow a lot more. To her, she’s confused. Why? She’s had almost 5 years of cheer experience, loud, spirited, learned her dance, cheer and chant in 3 days, on top of having high jumps and showing leadership at practices. So why didn’t she make it? Simply because she doesn’t have her tumbling down yet? Why not just spare these girls their feelings and tell them “We’re really looking for girls who have all their skills, tumbling included!” at the beginning instead of giving them false hopes thinking they have a shot when they aren’t even contenders because of their lack of tumbling.

I’m bitter, yes. I’m new to parenting. I know people won’t agree with me, probably none. But the constructive criticism on her score sheet would’ve been appreciated, at least so she knows what needs to be worked on. 

We say goodbye for now to cheerleading but we’ll be back. She’s already decided that she thinks she wants to tryout again come next year. So here we go, continuing the journey and goals of making the cheer team. Although she may feel defeated and small, she knows she wants to prove them wrong.

But for now, our days will be filled with softball practices and tumbling on the weekends. Not to mention come next year we’ll have our hands full with XC, volleyball, tennis, track & field, and of course softball. So maybe cheer wasn’t her calling this year, but she’s gonna make it hers next year, I guarantee you! 

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

One thought on “Goodbye For Now Cheerleading

  1. Tell your sister I’m so sorry! This much feel so crappy for her, but your last paragraph shows a lot of optimism! She will have other things to occupy her time and she can fine-tune other skills until she can try out again next year. I find it ridiculous that they didn’t let her on the team with all of her experience, so there must be some behind the scene politics involved. You’re a great sister and I’m sure with your support, she will feel less hurt as time goes on.


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