Save The Drama

So, let’s be real here for a minute. I haven’t posted in almost a month. Personally, I’ve been struggling with a lot of my inner emotions and feelings. I tend to shut down and walk away from things that help me cope, hence the lack of posting. Anyway, I’m still not sure if I’m over all that but I have something that’s weighing heavy on my chest today. 

This blog has and always will be a safe place for me to release my most personal thoughts, opinions and views on things. As of now, this blog hasn’t been shared with any of my family members besides my brother. I have told one or two family that I posses a blog but I’ve never actually told them what it is or what it’s about. So, with that being said I’m going to fill you on in my latest family drama since it’s been on my mind since it happened last night. 

I don’t know when it began really, I guess probably around the time we decided to throw my mom a birthday party for her 48th birthday. As a family, we realize how blessed we are to have her still with us, even if it’s not in circumstances we’d like. 

My brother then made a Facebook event, inviting our family. Of course we had some that responded quickly and some that viewed the invite but didn’t click yes or no when it came to asking. But we honestly didn’t think of it, I mean, we only made this event last week and the party is this upcoming weekend. We didn’t expect everyone to respond immediately because we know how busy everyone is!

We had this one cousin though, (I’ll call her by her “alter-ego” name for the sake of some privacy and whatnot) Lacey, who viewed the invite but didn’t give a definitive response. Typically, she responds quickly on Facebook. She’s seriously always, always, always online but her delayed response wasn’t anything that alarmed us. We went about our evening and discussed plans we had for the party. 

Fast forward to last night, March 12th and Lacey texts my brother. She hits him with some text along the lines of “Hey, this is my first Saturday off since I started working, would y’all be mad if I didn’t make it this weekend?” To which he simply replied back with “You’re a grown up, do what you want.” He then realized how the message came off and didn’t mean anything by it and quickly text back “Lol, that came off rude, I just meant do what you feel is best for you.” Then he recieved another text from her that said “That’s not what I meant but okay!”

Tell me, how did you mean it then? You basically insinuated that you had better plans than to visit your aunt you rarely even see! It was annoying at first but we didn’t give a second thought to it. We went on with our night and really didn’t talk about it again. 

A couple of hours later one of our cousin’s wife was posting Snapchats like usual. They were at Lacey’s house drinking, really nothing out of the ordinary for them. But as I watched the Snapchat’s I could hear an argument going on in the background. I told my brother to turn off the music he had playing so I could hear it. We listened and I said “I think she’s talking about us, well about you!” He turned off his music and went to see the Snapchats himself. 

Sure enough, we went back and heard another one where she tells our other cousin about the text he initially sent her, yet she neglected to tell him that he recantered and admitted his text came off rude. Then there was a separate one where in the background she faintly mentions how she visits, which by the way, total lie. Another Snap was followed with our cousins wife taking a picture of Lacey and said cousin talking with the caption “I’m keeping my mouth shut with these two.” Meaning she knew what was being talked about and she herself had her own opinions on the matter. 

So here’s where I say my peace and get my personal questions/opinions out of the way.

  1. Why are you feeling offended by something that wasn’t even offensive to begin with? Probably because you’re in the wrong and know that you’re in the wrong. 
  2. If you’re feeling some type of way about the situation, confront us, like adults! Don’t take our personal conversations and make it our cousins business when they weren’t involved! (And before anyone comes to bite my head off for this post, we already confronted her prior to me making this post!)
  3. You seriously only visit come holidays. You saw her twice in the hospital, one of which was on Father’s Day, I’m pretty sure. But let’s not forget Thanksgiving and oh Christmas, when y’all rudely left at 5-6AM!

Do I feel bad that her feelings got hurt? No. Why not? Because she asked for answers, she asked for opinions and was upset with what she received when there was nothing intended by the messages. You can’t be offended by something that doesn’t strike a nerve with you. Like the saying goes “If the shoe fits, wear it.” It wasn’t meant to be offensive, but if you were offended by it, there’s probably a reason. 

Basically, don’t talk no shit, won’t be no shit. I’m just really fed up with playing nice with people, including family members, that don’t care to spare our feelings, so why spare theirs? 

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

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