February Ipsy Bag

I’m gonna say it flat out, Ipsy failed this month. It’s Valentine’s Day and typically the most appropriate time to go overboard on red, pink, hearts and frilly stuff like that. This month’s bag totally does not scream February to me, maybe that’s just me and my association with Valentine’s, but oh well. I mean, after all, these are my own honest opinions! 

Yikes! I’m totally not a fan of denim makeup bags, they get dirty too easily and look dingy after a short while. Not to mention the very vibrant orange details. I’m all for a good contrast color, but orange is not and will never be, my go to color. The only thing about this bag that even sort of symbolizes February and Valentine’s Day in my opinion is the small zipper handle which is in the shape of a kiss! I totally would’ve love to have seen a bag with kiss marks in shades of red and pink with either a black or white base background!

I’m always looking for a good waterproof mascara and one that totally isn’t expensive but worth the money! Ya feel? So seeing this in my bag, I was instantly excited. There was a plastic seal around the mascara that was actually kind of hard to take off but it reassured me knowing that it was properly sealed and whatnot. As for it being waterproof, it’s decent. I’ve definitely worn better ones, but hey, it was a full-sized item in a $10 subscription bag so I can’t really complain!
First off, I’ve never really used NYX. The most I’ve ever actually done is use it to help my sister apply her makeup — she uses NYX brand. I personally think their brand in general has great colors and items but I am totally not a fan of this lipstick. It’s more of a tinted chapstick truthfully, which is cool if you’re into that sort of thing but I expected a lipstick with a little less oiliness. I ended up giving this to my sister based off the fact that it’s rather sheen upon first applying. It’s semi-buildable but in my opinion it begins to look weird after more than one application. Great product, just not my preference or style!
I like this illuminator, highlighter thing! It’s really pigmented and looks really good on medium skin tone. I however don’t use this because it seems to leave a dewy look and I have oily skin alone so I would rather not add to that if you catch my drift. But, it is beautiful! If I remember correctly, mine was a gold tone. I can’t really remember because this post has actually been sitting as a draft for two weeks and again, I gave this product to my sister so who knows where it’s really at. But overall, it’s a nice product!
Love, love, love this! You can’t really go wrong with a makeup brush but sometimes they can be hard and stiff and very prickly or already worn down. This one here came in a plastic slip, which is still in the plastic in this photo, it’s very soft as well. The handle isn’t too big and fits comfortably in my hands (so if you have small hands like mine, you should be fine)! There really isn’t much to say about this because I have yet to use it, but by the look and feel of it, I’m sure it’ll be one of my new favorite brushes!
Lastly, I received TWO face masks that I’ve yet to use. I’m nervous about these solely for the fact that they’re paper masks saturated in some sort of oil or products and truthfully, I’m just afraid to get it in my eyes. So I can’t really give a full review on these but I would hope they’d work good! I may have my sister try them and give a review instead, so let me know if you’d like that!

Overall, the bag and its contents were subpar in my opinion! I would’ve love to have seen what this bag could’ve been at it’s full potential, but hey, I’m just a consumer, not like I work for Ipsy or anything! So for now I’ll stick to buying my subscriptions and just enjoying whatever comes my way.

The featured photo and photos within this post belong to the blogger, Lo. All opinions stated are my own and are not meant to bash, degrade or slander any of the companies or brands mentioned!

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