2-4-6-8, Tumbling Is Great

Well y’all, it’s official, my sister has decided to try out for the junior high cheer team for the 2017-2018 school year! I honestly couldn’t be more estatic and the ex-cheerleader in me can’t help but jump with joy! She’s done 4 years of youth cheer, like pop warner and liked it but Jr. High cheer is something she’s wanted to do since I did it. 

We wanted to get things in order and try to get off on the right foot, so we put her back into tumbling classes. More specifically it’s a class to help girls who are wanting to either try out for school cheer for the first time or to help girls trying to re-make the team. Now let me tell you, my sister is a decently active child. She plays a couple of sports but doesn’t do much from that. In the fall she does cheer and then in spring she does softball, so she has a pretty decent gap in between the two sports. Except this last year she joined her schools run club which has been a yearly thing but nothing too intense. 

The last time my sister attended a tumbling class she was 8 years old and MUCH shorter! She ended up having to quit because she joined a softball team (she would tumble year round) that required her to practice everyday at the same time her tumbling classes were. She was kind of bummed being that she was already learning her backhand spring on her own, but got over it quickly because of softball.

She did youth cheer this past year despite our mom’s stroke. It was hard on her because out of our family, I was the only one who could go out to her games — usually it’d be me and my mom together. We’d hoped her biological parents would go, but as you know from two posts ago, they’d never show up. Not having my mom there at her games this year is what fueled the fire and desire for her to want to tryout from the Jr. High cheer team. She wants my mom to be able to see her cheer again, she wants to have my mom back on the field cheering her on. 

I’ll do whatever it takes to get her where she needs to be. Her schools tryouts aren’t usually until late April or early May so we’re getting a head start here. It’s only been one class but she already is improving. I’ll be documenting her journey from here on until tryouts. Hopefully, fingers crossed, when the day comes, she’ll make the team! But either way, I know she’ll have had fun and if she doesn’t make the team, she’ll brush herself off and try something different!

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo. (My sister is also the second one from the right, or the tallest cheerleader there in the photo!)

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