It’s The Little Things

“It’s the little things that matter the most.”

My entire life that quote is one I used often. We all used it quite often to show our “appreciation” for things. I always knew what it meant, but I don’t think I ever fully understood. Well, I mean, I obviously know what it means but rather the actual meaning behind it. 

Since my mom’s stroke happened, I now feel like I understand what it means. It’s the small things that others accomplish that we take for granted. We don’t realize how amazing and precious these things are until they’re taken away or you’re not able to use them properly.

(I’ve been very open and honest about my mom  and her stroke so I feel more than comfortable sharing this, too.)

We bought my mom an iPad for Christmas. It comes in handy because a lot of her speech therapy apps are only available on apple devices. So we decided it was only appropriate to buy her for herself. When we first presented it to her, she cried. Like she bawled, she was so overwhelmed. The amount of gratitude, thanks and happiness that came from her made it worth every penny spent.

It’s been almost a month now since then and she’s finally getting the hang of it. She has issues locking and unlocking her iPad but she’s recently learned how to exit apps and close adds on her own. Let me tell y’all, she was so proud of herself that I couldn’t help but shed a tear. 

Lately she’s been more vocal, like a lot more. (And for anyone wondering, she’s still very aware of what’s going on, she can understand everything, she can still read as well but the words just won’t come out. You can see when she’s focusing on trying to use her words and if you watch her, you can see when she has the word on the tip of her tongue but then loses it. You can usually see this by the how tense and focused she is.) She’s also been extremely silly, she’s quite the jokester these days. 

Something as simple as her saying “please” or “thank you” means the world to us. Seeing her slowly gaining her independence back is all that I could ever dream for. It’s a long road to recovery still and some days are worse than others, but my mom knows we’ll always be here for her. We’ll always be pushing her to try her hardest, one day at a time, one step at a time.

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