A to Z Of Me

I don’t have any new posts to publish. I’m having kind of a writers block because of so many emotions and feelings I’ve been dealing with. So I decided to do a fun little tag. I believe the tag was started by EelBlogs, but I saw the post from Ocean! If you’re lazy, much like me, and don’t feel like clicking the links to the other pages, I’ll tell you the idea of the “tag”. Basically you list the alphabet, with each letter you name something you love or something you do.

A art of any medium

B brunch

C Criminal Minds

D dancing in the rain

E elephants

F flowers of any kind

G giggles, baby giggles specifically

H handwritten letters

I iridescent items  

J jokes

K kisses

L Law & Order: SVU

M meatloaf MARGARITAS!!!

N Nutcracker, the ballet


P psychology *tear* my old major 

Q questions, I’m a nosey person 

R rain

S snow

T thunderstorms

U umbrellas, oddly enough 

V Vienna by Billy Joel

W water, water, and winter 

X xylophones, they’re so unique 

Y YouTube

Z zinger, they’re hostess snack cakes 

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

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