An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Dear Best Friend, 

I cannot thank you enough for coming into my life exactly when I needed you. When we first met we were aquaintences that exchanged a few messages here and there because of “work“. But, when my cousin passed away and I needed time off you were the first to extend your help. Honestly, I thought it was weird because I didn’t really know you but something told me to trust you anyway.

That entire week, you showed more compassion and care than anyone of my real friends. It spoke volumes. How could someone I barely even know care more than them? I don’t know, it still doesn’t make sense, but I’m glad you cared.

Over the course of a few months we became instant friends. We share many similar likings and dislikings, but we’re also total opposites at the same time. Astrologically, were incompatible as friends yet we’ve never once had a fight! (Hopefully, saying that didn’t jinx it!) You became the literal yang to my yin!

You were there for me when I felt less than adequate when some boy crushed my heart. You listened to me mope and complain, but not once did you tell me to get over myself or to buck up. Instead, you listened to me. You listened for weeks about how crushed I was. You waited and let me get all my frustrations, heartbreak and sorrow out before you tried to preach to me. Long story short, you reminded me of my self worth. You told me someone better would come along and that I WOULD find happiness. 

You were there for me when my mental health would take a turn for the worst. You were there for me through the good and bad days. You never tried to force me out of my depression or tried to coax me to forget my issues. Instead, you helped me see what good I had in my life. You helped me realized all the beautiful and amazing things around me. And even when you weren’t at your best, you always made sure I was okay.

More recently, you were there for me when all these medical problems happened with my mom. You’ve been such an amazingly wonderful friend these last six months. I don’t know that I could’ve done it without your help alongside my brother. 

When I felt like I’d reached my wits end while raising my tween sister, you’re always sure to remind me that I’m doing great. You remind me that taking on a task like this at our age isn’t easy, but that I’m doing everything I can to keep some sort of normalcy in her life. 

Birthday and Christmas exchanges have become our “thing” within the last few years. It’s crazy to think we’ve even been friends for such a sort amount of time because it feels like it’s been longer. I know that for Christmas I can expect really cute, thoughtful items that arrive BEFORE the actual holiday. Whereas you know to expect my gift to arrive either literally minutes before or a few days after — I procrastinate like no other. We always joke about buying this or that for each other as gag gifts, but we never actually do it even though we probably really want to. 

I’m not even sure this entire thing made sense, but really, I just want to say that I’m thankful for you. I will always be thankful for you, no matter how long this friendship lasts. I hope that our crazy future plans work out. I hope that we end up living down the street from one another, raising our gremlins alongside each other. Not to mention, I really hope I get to deliver that maid of honor speech I’ve been working on! (Trust me, it’ll be a future post!) 

But even if we don’t keep in touch, even if we lose our ways to one another, I want you to know I love you. You’ve become my best friend, my rock, my backbone, my better half, my sister. You’re the Cristina Yang to my Meredith Grey. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know you and that you’ve stayed in my life. 

So, here’s a toast to the incredibly weird friendship we have! May we share many more years of our lives together! Love you always, B! 

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