Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

First and foremost, happy new year y’all! I, of course, am late on this post because as you know, my life is crazy! But that’s bedsides the point, and not my focus on this post whatsoever. If you’re wondering how my New Year’s Eve went, you’re not missing much. I stayed at home with my parents, both my siblings were out and I played computer games to feel the void of not having any plans. 

But at home, we drank Welch’s white grape sparklingly cocktail, totally non-alcoholic since my mother doesn’t drink whatsoever anymore. Followed by some traditional grape eating at midnight or las doce uvas de la suerte, to bring good luck into the new year! And lastly, we binged on buñuelos, which are my personal favorite snack! 

I’ve decided to make resolutions, well I guess they’re more goals than anything. I’m going to try my best to actually stick to these goals and maybe even set new goals as I accomplish these other ones! 

2017 New Year Goals

  1. Drink more waterI am a soda addict and truthfully it’s terrible. Although I already drink water, I think I need to up my intake!
  2. Stop worrying about things I can’t fixNaturally, I want everything to be perfect but I need to learn to let things be the way they are. 
  3. Remember quality over quantityThis applies to so many things but really, it’s my reference to friends. A few good, close friends are way better than many, shallow and self-centered friends.
  4. De-stress more – With the situation at home, I get way too stressed out. I need to have more days to myself, whether it means just leaving the house for a while or even just spending time alone in my bedroom.
  5. Take up a new hobby I already write as a hobby, paint/draw for fun, dabble in musical instruments not to mention I bake and cook. So I’m not too sure what I’ll take up but really just something I’ve never tried before. 

I hope I can stick to them, being as #2 and #4 are already hard to do. (It’s only been two days into the new year, I know, but if ya only knew the amount of stress!) I just want this year to be better than last year, way way better than last year. I’m not too sure what will all happen in 2017 but I do hope good things come my way. But, really I just want my mom’s health to get better. The last half of 2016 was intense, scary and emotional, I just want this to be a chill year with many, many, many blessings!

I hope you all have a good year! I hope you’re able to achieve all your resolutions and goals you’ve set! I genuinely hope you find happiness and that great things come your way!

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

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