Would You Rather? Christmas Edition

This is going to be my final post, (I think), until Christmas Day! The next post will be about how the holiday went and what I received for Christmas. But, I decided to have a little bit of fun with another Christmas tag! This one comes from Hey There, Macy!

Have to loudly sing the chorus of “Jingle Bells” every time you walk into a room for a week? or Wear a Santa suit to school everyday for a week?

• Oh without a doubt, I’d rather sing the chorus of Jingle Bells!

Make presents for your family instead of buying them? or Make ornaments for your tree instead of buying them?

• I’d rather make ornaments for my tree! It’s customizable and super fun when you get others involved!

Not celebrate Christmas this year? or Not celebrate your birthday this year?

• Without a doubt, I’d rather not celebrate my birthday! Seeing people thrilled about gifts you got them makes me way too happy to give it up!

Have Frosty the Snowman for a friend? or Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer as a friend?

• I’d probably rather be friends with Rudolph! Why? I have no idea, but Frosty seems like he’d be annoying!

Have mistletoe hanging in your bedroom doorway? or Have a large, decorated Christmas tree in your doorway?

• Mistletoe hung in my bedroom doorway! I don’t even think a tree could fit in my doorway!

Have Christmas tree tinsel for hair? or Have fingernails that light up like Christmas lights?

• I think it’d be funny to have tinsel hair but also funny to have light up nails.. Why can’t I do both?

Be at home on Christmas and get lots of presents? or Go to Disneyland for Christmas but get no presents?

• I’ve never been to Disneyworld/land, so I’d rather be at home and get lots of presents!

Eat your cereal with eggnog instead of milk? or Eat a candy cane sandwich?

• Um, I’d probably eat cereal with eggnog even though its ridiculously thick!

 Live in a giant gingerbread house? or Ride on the Polar Express?

• I feel like a gingerbread house would get overwhelming with the smell, so I’d ride on the Polar Express! 

Be allowed to only eat fruitcake for two days? or Be allowed to only eat candy canes for two days?

• Honestly, I’ve never had fruitcake before so I’m gonna have to go with only eat candy canes for two days!

Write a five-paragraph essay about the meaning of Christmas? or Solve a page of Christmas-themed math problems?

• Easy! I’d rather write a five-paragraph essay on the meaning of Christmas! Though it’d end up being like five pages instead!

Have a nose that glows red like Rudolph’s? or Have pointy ears like an elf?

• Pointy ears like an elf! My face already has enough redness, I don’t need a glowing red nose too!

Visit the North Pole? or Visit Bethlehem?

• I’m not religious at all, but Bethlehem would be cool to visit. Like, all the backstory and history, it seems cool!

Receive socks for Christmas? or Receive a dictionary for Christmas?

• Socks for Christmas is literally the best though! You can never have too many socks — especially fuzzy ones!

Be given $100 for Christmas to buy things for yourself? or Be given $1,000 before Christmas to buy gifts for other people?

• I’ll take $1,000 to buy people gifts! I love giving gifts! 

Get many small presents for Christmas? or Get one big present for Christmas?

• Growing up I used to get a lot of small presents, but now I usually just get one big gift but I guess it would depend on the gift I’m getting. But for the sake of the game, I’ll go with one big present!

Have a job wrapping presents at the mall? or Have a job taking pictures of children sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall?

• I’d rather take pictures of children & Santa, even though their parents would be major headaches!

Be one of Santa’s elves? or Be one of Santa’s reindeer?

• Definitely would rather be an elf!

See The Nutcracker? or Be in The Nutcracker?

• I would LOVE to be IN The Nutcracker, specifically as a sugar plum fairy! Plus, pointe is so beautiful!

Spend a day watching Christmas videos? or Spend a day at the mall Christmas shopping?

• This one is hard, it depends on who I’m with, the kind of day it is, all that junk! But, I’d honestly rather spend a day watching Christmas videos!

P.S. if this IS my last post until after Christmas, i want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday or a Happy Channaka (Hanukkah)! See you all soon!

The featured image came from WeHeartIt.

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