Life Hiccup

As most of you already know, my mom suffered a traumatic stroke back in early June. Things honestly were NOT easy for a pretty long time. The doctors initially told us it wasn’t anything too bad, but a second opinion shared that it was an aggressive stroke. My mom will forever be considered disabled due to the intensive scarring that was left on her brain. 

I haven’t gotten too into how her stroke happened, but I’ll give you a run down. Basically my mom’s veins in her neck were extremely small, as her blood tried to travel to her brain they got clogged. Resulting in her stroke. She’s now on blood thinners to keep her blood flowing regularly and thing we’re pretty great until a little hiccup recently.

November 27th, my mom and dad went out on a cruise around town. For a while, she didn’t want to leave the house, which made a lot of sense. She was always the type of person who hated going out in public without her makeup done, hair done and a nice outfit. Anyway, they were driving around for about 20 minutes when my dad called to check in at home. We talked, hung up and then my brother and I started dinner. 

As we were in the kitchen cooking, we hear our parents drive up. We go outside to help get my mom in and my dad has a look of concern. We asked what was going on and he said “We were driving around and she was fine. But then she slumped over, I thought she was asleep but she wasn’t. I got scared so we came home.” 

Naturally, I checked her glucose levels, her blood pressure and even her temperature.. everything came back fine. I had her talking to me, kicking her legs, just trying to be sure it wasn’t another stroke. She seemed fine. My dad decided to take her to their room to take a nap and the moment he got her laying on her bed, she started convulsing. 

It was weird really. She was still talking as it happened, it wasn’t intense convulsing but it was clearly seizures. We all freaked out. My dad rushed and called 911 and I instantly broke down. I couldn’t breathe. I could feel my heart beating so fast, my head began to throb. All I could think of was “We can’t do this again. This cannot be happening to us. Why us?”

Probably 5 minutes later, the local fire department showed up. My dad initially thought my mom was having a heart attack. But they came in and checked her out, they were positive it wasn’t a heart attack. I just remember so many volunteer EMT’s being in the house. I can still hear the sirens playing in my head when I think about that day.

They were going to drive her to back to the hospital she went to when she was there for her stroke, but traffic was backed up. Instead, they HALO flighted her.. it took them less than 10 minutes to get there. 

If you ask my mom, she doesn’t remember flying. But she’s positive that she napped. My brother said by the time he’d gotten there with our aunt and cousin, she was complaining about a hair in her sock.. typical behavior of my mom. 

We live in an extremely small town, the moment people heard sirens they all flocked around the scene to see what was happening. I kid you not, my cousin found out maybe 30 minutes later about what happened from one of their friends. An old high school peer messaged me saying she was keeping us in her thoughts because she’d seen my mom being flighted. 

While at the hospital they concluded that it was in fact seizures she was having. They weren’t major, all her scans and tests came back normal. She was prescribed anti-seizure medication and was able to come home that night.

Ever since then, she’s been fine. She talks even more now which is kind of funny. She contributes to act like a goofball to keep us all entertained. I was worried the seizures were going to affect her tremendously, but nothing was really out of the ordinary.

We’re lucky, we really are. I’m so blessed to still have my mom here with us. Things might not be the way they were a year ago, but I can’t complain. My mom’s here with us, my family is here, we’re together. There’s nothing more I could ever want, (I mean yeah there is. But you get my sentimental point), I truly am grateful. 

The featured photo belongs to the blogger, Lo.

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