I’m Pro-Choice

First things first, I know this is a sensitive topic for people which is why I’m going to kindly ask y’all to refrain from negative, rude comments. Please,  if this post is going to offend you in any way, feel free to ignore this post entirely! 

My body, my choice!!!

It’s simple, easy to understand and straight to the point — yet people still don’t seem to get it. I totally understand that everyone has their own beliefs and opinions on what determines a viable fetus but there are so many factors that come into play. 

I’ve grown up in a particularly religious family. My mother is an avid church goer, my grandfather and aunt are both involved within the church. Most of my family members are devout Catholics. As you can imagine, I think most of you know, the church of Catholicism is quite strict. 

The Catholic Church opposes any sort of abortion procedures. Whether it be an embryo, blastocyst, zygote, or a full-on fetus. Their reasoning? Because no matter how small or big, it “sustains life.”

I’ve never been one to openly express my feelings and opinions on abortion. I especially avoid any discussion about it with my family, knowing they’ll preach the Bible and tell me that my views are corrupt.

(Photo credit: PlannedParenthood’s Twitter)

But why is that? Why can’t a woman be in charge of her body? Why can’t she make a decision without being harassed? I don’t care what you think, making the decision to have an abortion IS NOT an easy choice to make!

What if the woman was raped? Better yet, what if it was a girl, a child? Someone who’s adolescence was robbed from her? Are we really going to make her follow through with her pregnancy simply because “the fetus didn’t ask to be born”? Do you realize how ignorant that statement sounds?

So let’s say a woman or girl who’s been raped, keeps the child. What are people going to say when she suffers from severe post-partum depression? What are people going to think when she tells them that she physically can’t stand to look at that child because it’s a consrant reminder of her rape? People are of course going to call her names, critize her and bring her down. I mean after all, it wasn’t this babies fault for coming into the world, right?

She’ll more than likely spend her days convincing herself that it was her fault, keeping this baby is what she needs to do. But why does she need to do it? Why’d she keep the baby in the first place? Was it because she’s mentally strong and has accepted the life of a child no matter which way it’s come to her? Or would it simply be because it’d be easier than to deal with constant hate from friends, family, co-workers or even strangers?

But what about the women and girls who have abortions because they know they wouldn’t be able to adequately take care of a child? If they know deep down that emotionally, mentally and physically that aren’t ready to bring a child into the world, they should be able to make a decision without being patronized.

(Photo Credit: Tumblr)

Let’s not forget the women who have no choice but to abort their fetuses due to life-threatening medical conditions. Most of the time, those aren’t wanted but are necessary for the women. Those are undoubtedly extremely to deal with. In some cases it’s seriously between the life of the woman or the life of the fetus.

But even so, if you simply do not want to have a baby, you should be able to make that choice. If you decide you’re not ready for a child yet, that you want to live your life out first, you should be allowed to have an abortion without receiving hate.

Having an abortion isn’t the “easy way out of parenting”, in fact it says a lot about a woman. She took time to think, to really think, about the life of her child. But that doesn’t mean it was an easy choice. That doesn’t mean she won’t go to bed in tears, distraught over her choice. That doesn’t mean it makes any of it easier to live with, to deal with. 

In more recent news, Texas has now passed a law stating that women who miscarry or have an abortion must pay to have a fetal cremation or burial. Here are some screen caps I took from Refinery29‘s Tumblr. Click the link to read more on the recent situation.

I can’t even imagine what it would be like having to go through such a process. Remember people, making abortions illegal isn’t going to stop them from happening — they will continue to happen, some way, some how they just won’t be safe! And that’s truly heartbreaking and terrifying to think that!

And before, any one tries to attack me, I know there are several states that let women abort their babies literally days before giving birth. Do I think that particular stipulation is okay? No, I don’t. But guess what? It isn’t my body, it isn’t my choice. It isn’t affecting me whatsoever.  You really don’t have any right to weigh in on a situation that isn’t happening to you personally. If you’re not the one going through with the procedure, you truly and honestly shouldn’t have a say or an opinion what the woman decides to choose. 

It’s becoming more and more impossible to actually even find a clinic that allows abortions. Everyone should actually check out Trapped, which is available on Netflix right now. I highly recommend it! 

As always, this is my personal opinion and if you’d like to discus this matter civilly, you may do so. Any hate or attacks made to people within this post will be blocked, deleted and reported as spam. Remember, there’s a difference between civilly getting your point across and being a total asshole.

This blog post was inspired by Child of Cynicism and her Why I’m Pro-Choice blog post. 

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