Nashville Obsessed

I recently have gotten into the show Nashville, which used to be on ABC but has since been cancelled and picked up by CMT instead. Now, let me tell you, if you love Connie Britton and country music in general, give this show a shot! At first I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, I’ve tried watching it several times and could never get into it. But for whatever reason, I really enjoyed it this last time.

Back in middle school, I used to only listen to country music but eventually got into different music generes. Country music was more of a rare occurrence for me for a long time, until pretty recently actually. It’s funny because Blue Ain’t Your Color by Keith Urban is the song that made my interest in country music come back.

I’d decided last night, as I laid in bed watching Nashville, that I would make a few fun posts before I get into the intimate details of my life. In commemoration (not sure that’s the right term to use) of my re-found love for country music, I’m going to make a playlist with some of my favorite songs by my favorite women!

Here goes nothing! (This playlist will change from time to time, so be sure to follow me on Spotify to keep up with it!)

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